Eating Out at Orlando
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Eating Out at Orlando

Orlando always offers great cuisine and great gourmet. Aside from all the golf courses and family amusement parks, Orlando is also the home of the best eateries and restaurants. Food galore includes anything you crave for, from Italian dishes to Chinese - and there is the sumptuous abundance of sea food that comes to you always fresh.

There is the popular Oceanaire Restaurant, famous because most sea foods are flown daily from every part of the world. They serve the best caviar, shrimps and oysters from both the Atlantic and Pacific coast. The Oceanaire offers seasonal menus, so there is always something new and different every season for seafood lovers. This is the best place for sea food lovers who wish to dine out and relax and simply enjoy a rather private dinner (or lunch). Since the Oceanaire is almost always fully booked, it is best to call first and make a reservation before you drop by.

Steak, Italian style cuisine and a few drinks? If that happens to be your preference, visit Timpano Chophouse and Martini Bar which is basically a steakhouse that offers Italian style steak menus. The house favorites are dry aged beef and their chicken Marsala. The ambiance is friendly but relaxed and theres even the ala-Sinatra lounge area where you can order an assortment of different types of martinis. Located at the Plaza Venezzia at the West Sand Road, this classic restaurant does not require any reservations.

Another Italian restaurant, and one of the most popular in the Orlando area, is Bergamos. This is one of the best fine dining restaurants, not only in Central Florida, but in the whole world. Bergamos offers the most authentic Italian food but what makes this place unique is the way diners can enjoy the best culinary menu while watching classic opera or a Broadway show. Bergamos offers the complete fine dining experience.

Who can possibly miss the Wolfgang Puck Grand Cafe ? This is one of the best among the assortment of restaurants in Orlando. This one is for everyone who love to eat one or a couple of Wolfgang Pucks classic dishes. Fresh made soups with different types of bread, handcrafted sandwiches, salads and Wolfgangs famous pizza are a favorite even among locals. The ambiance is casual but relaxed. Try their sushi bar where you get to taste several types of sushi. Perfect after a Disney tour, this restaurant is located in Downtown Disney at West Side.

Also located at the International Drive in Orlando is Jacks Place Restaurant. This eatery serves the most outstanding gourmet of EVERYTHING from prime steaks to fresh seafood. They also offer a delicious assortment of colorful appetizers, snacks and desserts. If you happen to be in the Orlando area, do not miss this place because aside from the extremely delicious cuisine, Jacks Place is also where you can see the worlds biggest exhibit of autographed star caricatures. Atmosphere is cool, casual and relaxed.

Going Thai and Japanese? (or Asian?) Visit the Napsorn Thai Restaurant and Sake Bar where you can ouder authentic Thai and Japanese cuisine plus other Asian favorites. Relax and enjoy some Asian beers while you taste sushi or one of those spicy hot Thai dishes. This restaurant is easy to find because its located in Orlandos Downtown district. Its reputed to be one of the best Asian restaurants in the Orlando area.

Of course, if you want something purely Japanese, you can try Sora Restaurant too if you love dishes like Maki, Sashimi, Nigiri and authentic Japanese dishes. Presentation is as good as in any restaurant in downtown Tokyo, but the specialty of the house is the Bao Bun sandwiches that are a popular lunch and snack fare.

Of course, you cant miss NBA City which is the BEST theme restaurant according to the Orlando Sentinel. NBA City serves the best gourmet and snack food while you can casually hang around the restaurant and join some interactive basketball game. NBA City offers great food and fun. You can have a delicious steak or a hotdog. The atmosphere is informal which makes it a favorite even among locals.

Orlando is known for good food. Its one of the cities in America known all over the world because it has the best eateries covering all types of food preferences. There are over fifty top restaurants in the Orlando area making it the restaurant capital of Florida. The art of food is a biggie in Orlando!