Highgate Park
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Highgate Park

Highgate Park is a new community which has been developed because of its strategic location and its proximity to most of the theme parks. While most of the houses and villas in this gated community are usually for rentals or short term rentals, there are a lot of residential villas available today for those who wish to relocate to Orlando.

What's so special about the Highgate Park community? It is located on US27 which is rather near the area of Davenport. The Highgate Park community stated development in 2005, during the boom of Orlando’s tourism industry when thousands of people decided to relocate in the Orlando area because of more job opportunities. Most however love to move in this gated community because its not as busy and noisy as other villages but it takes just a fifteen minute drive to reach Disney. Another plus, is that fact that Highgate Park is one of the most secure communities in the Orlando area. Most houses are equipped with CCTVs at all the entry gates, aside from the best home guards. The whole village is well maintained by the Highgate Park Homeowners Association (HHA) who make sure that security is upgraded and that the community remains clean, peaceful and that the landscapes and gardens within the community are well manicured and maintained. Homeowners and rental home residents are given access codes to enter the community.

It is a community that is definitely great for families who wish to enjoy comfortable and safe living. Highland Park is lovely also because it is located at the back of the Legacy Park development and it is bounded by a conservation area. Highgate Park blends with the surrounding natural environ around it thus making it one of the most beautiful communities in the Orlando area.

It isn't inaccessible however despite the fact that it's a gorgeous neighborhood where different types of villas and mansions add character to the elegance of the community. The community is near US27 which gives the community easy access to US192 and 1-4 thereby making it easy for residents to drive to any point within the Orlando area. Though it is convenient to drive out of the community going to any part of the busy Orlando districts, this community is quiet, calm and distant enough not to be affected by the traffic noises in the busiest parts of Orlando.

It is also located near Interstate-4 which gives the residents the delightful experience of being able to enjoy the Atlantic beach coasts. Thus, it isn't unusual for neighbors in the same community to see each other every week at the beaches. The local airport can also be reached after a fifteen minute drive. Almost all golf courses are likewise near this area, though the nearest one is the golf course at Polo Park which can be reached after an extremely short three minute drive.

Shops and Restaurants? There are a lot within this community, which can be reached through the close by US192/US27 access way area. You get the best of neighborhoods that's near every type of shopping centre, tourist destination and all types of natural landscapes.

Highgate Park is unique because it is elegant and safe, yet not the snobbish type of community. It is also a rather spacious community sprawling with villas and mansions designed differently giving members of the area the less-rigid experience of living within a safe and lovely community. This community also offers a Home Owners Club Area Clubhouse where pools are available for kids and a tennis court is free for residents and their guests to use at any time.

Highgate Park isnt only a feel good community. It is a GOOD community, one of the best ones in Orlando.