Eating Out and orlando villas
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Orlando Gourmet Restaurants

Fed up with knowing exactly whats on the menu?

We have two privately owned restaurants in the Champions Gate mall, just off the I4, exit 58 (turn right as you come off the slip road and the mall is just there on your right by the Public supermarket) that we highly recommend. 

With both you can sit outside in the fresh air when the temperature is right and watch the world go by very relaxing. 

This is a mixture of French and Italian cooking (the chief is French) and there is always a specials board.  They do take-away pizza and will deliver locally.

China 1
This is a very good Chinese restaurant but be carefull not to order too much as the portions are large.  They do take-aways and deliver locally.

This mall is only 5 minutes from our villa in Sunridge Woods, ideal if you are tired from a day at the attraction parks and would like to be treated to dinner out but dont feel like going very far.

This artice was written by the owner for this orlando villa