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Orlando Vacation RentalsChoosing the Right Area in Disney

Taking a Disney vacation with the family is one of the most enviable things of them all. So many people would love to be able to take the time off or afford the cost to take the family on a Disney vacation, so it is a good idea to do it right the first timejust in case you never get the opportunity to go back. If you are traveling with the wife or husband, a nice hotel room is a great idea. If you are traveling with the whole family in tow, Orlando vacation rentals are the best idea. They are great for large groups or small families, have all the creature comforts of home, and often include certain perks that other vacation spots and hotels or motels might not offer.

There are certain areas to stay in when vacationing in Orlando. There are vacation rentals that are actually on Disney property and are owned by Disney. There are those vacation rentals that are situated right at the mouth of the park, and then there are those that are strategically placed in and around the Greater Orlando Area.

Disney Owned Vacation Rentals

By far the most expensive of them all, the Disney owned vacation rentals are also the most fun for the family. They often have character dinners, special discounts on theme park tickets, free transportation and other perks that can make a Disney vacation truly memorableespecially for the kids. These are available on many sites, and can even be booked through a travel agent if that is who you have handling your travel affairs.

There are a good many benefits to staying on Disney property. It completes the Disney World experience for many young ones and families with any aged children, and it positions you right next to all of the Disney fun.

Vacation Rentals Right Outside Disney Property

If the on location experience is a bit too much for you price wise or otherwise, there are vacation rentals that are a bit more affordable and are placed right outside the theme park walls. These are often privately owned rentals that usually come at a substantially better price tag than the Disney owned rentals that are right on the property. In many cases these are just as nice and are still very conveniently close enough to all of the Disney attractions and traveling distance away from other Orlando fun.

Vacation Rentals in the Orlando Area

If you are okay with having to travel a little further to get into the Disney parks, perhaps the vacation rentals in the Orlando area that aren't right outside of the Disney walls may be a good idea. This is great for the family who has other plans for their Orlando vacation, plans that do not necessarily include one of the Disney parks. Believe it or not there are plenty of things to do in Orlando and not all of them are owned by the Walt Disney family. For this reason, it may be a good idea to stay somewhere other than on or near Disney propertyespecially if you have older kids in your party.

When renting a villa or any type of vacation rental in the Orlando area it is important to remember that there are many to choose from. You are not restricted to one area, especially if you will have your vehicle or a rental car to tote the family around in. Keep your options open as far as entertainment and lodging goes, and you may save some money and have great fun in the process.