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Orlando Villas - Old Town, Kissimmee


A new attraction at Old Town, Kissimmee. What a great evening out, until December 2007, Thursday night is now Bike night down at Old Town, located along the 192 East of Disney. You will also find Free parking and Free admission to this evening of fantastic bike viewing.

We started our evening off with a great meal at the nearby Red Lobster restaurant, left the car in their car park and made the short walk across to Old Town.

Old Towns brick lined streets cater for most ages. Bikes for my husband, fairground rides for my youngest and they have a vast array of shopping opportunities which kept my eldest "shopaholic" daughter entertained. The Black Market Mineral store is one of our favourites, where you can choose from thousands of different beads and polished stones and make your own necklaces on site. They also have a large selection of ready made jewellery at very good prices, as well as unusual ethnic style gifts. My Daughters favourite shop has to be the "hello kitty" store, where we have never seen so many "hello kitty" items in one place, this made the job of deciding what to spend her money on very tricky indeed!

The fun kicks off at 7. 30pm and the place was buzzing with 60s music, old bikes and hairy, friendly bikers. Several hundred motor bikes lined the red brick streets. There was a nice family atmosphere, with many people browsing the shops and enjoying viewing all the bikes. The range of bikes was huge with Harley Davisons, Suzuki, Yamaha and Honda to name a few. Most folk were happy to answer questions you had about their motorbikes it was great being able to check out up close the most fabulous bikes. A lot of the bikes were lit with neon lighting, had shining chrome and some of the paintwork jobs were in themselves a work of art!

When trying to take a photograph of one bike with our daughter stood nearby, one guy happily obliged by lifting her up onto his bike! That made her day!

Old Town is a busy place, especially on "Cruise evenings" and it not to everyones taste, with a touch of "Blackpool" about it. But if you go with expectation in mind you will have an enjoyable evening of free entertainment, a rare occurrence in Orlando.

If you are familiar with, and enjoy the custom bike build off programs on SKY TV in the UK, then you will not be disappointed with what is on offer at Old town.