Terra Verde
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Terra Verde

Terra Verde is another gated community within the Orlando area that has become a favorite a favorite of tourists and visitors because of the different picturesque designs of villas and modern homes. Terra Verde is on the last stages of development and is ideal because it is located just ten minutes away from Walt Disney World and it takes only five minutes to get too the different restaurants and fast food outlets along the busy US192.

If what you’re looking for is an A-1 classy Florida villa, the most excellent Orlando villas, vacation homes and even mansions can be found at Terra Verde. Many villas, townhouses and resorts in Terra Verde offer the very best -- most of them have even private pools and the most modern amenities. Terra Verde is a gated community that makes sure that its visitors and residents are secure. It’s a well secured community that is guarded by the latest in security technology. Thus, Terra Verde is one of the safest communities in the Orlando area.

Most of the Tierra Verde homes and villas provide tourists and visitors the comfy feeling of home while they are on vacation. Imagine living in the most modern villa or townhouse with all the most modern facilities including the latest cable, internet broadband services plus the best community features and services such as one of the best clubhouses in the USA that offers gym and exercise facilities. Enjoy the spa and the massage while your kids can take a safe deep at the Clubhouse swimming pool. Your whole family can even enjoy the nature trail within the Clubhouse area if wish to hike and observe the natural environs of the place. The Clubhouse also offers a top cyber café, concierge services, and even a heated community pool that residents can enjoy during the cooler months. That’s not all, there is also the most modern basketball court and billiard rooms for the community to enjoy. The Terra Verde Clubhouse also offers golf lessons and Scuba lessons, but what no one should miss in the community Clubhouse is the ornamental waterfall which seems to make the natural environment within the 6,000 community Clubhouse more like an exclusive theme park. Enjoy the subtropical landscape within this community where you can feel safe as you have fun along with your family and friends. There even is an exotic stocked lake where you and your family can watch the calm waves or go fishing while you take pleasure in spending your vacation in style.

After enjoying all the Clubhouse amenities, you can take a drive to the shopping malls and restaurants on the 192 or go back home and enjoy your Terra Verde villa or vacation house. Aside from being situated near Disney, Terra Verde is only a short drive away from SeaWorld and Universal Studios.

Luxury resorts and villas are available in this gated community including some that offer a heated swimming pool and have six bedrooms and large space areas. This is ideal for joint-family vacations, business team trips and tours. Types of houses, mansions and villas vary though most of them are designed similar to Mediterranean homes. This community is located only 20 minutes away to the Orlando International Airport which is another reason why it’s an extremely convenient vacation site.

Terra Verde is situated on Poinciana Boulevard, only three miles south of 192. You can’t miss it because this guarded community has the most distinctive gate marked by the charming beautiful rock. Since it is a guarded community, visitors are required to stop by the Gatehouse where the guards or gatekeepers welcome and check your details before you can proceed to your home or drop by the community Clubhouse.

The Terra Verde community is one of the most popular and most wanted communities within the Orlando area. It has the charming mix of a peaceful homes and villas combined with the natural quiet atmosphere of the community. Ideal for the most luxurious and unforgettable vacations, this gated community is all about living in style, safety and comfort all the way. It also is an ideal place for relocation and retirement considering that this community has everything wholesome and convenient to offer those who live there permanently.