Orlando Guide: Seaworld
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Orlando Guide: Seaworld

As regular visitors to Orlando, we have tried and tested many of the theme parks, but the one we never fail to return to every single trip is Seaworld. In fact, our three year old thinks Seaworld is Florida and everything else we do there just washes over him.

I think the thing that sets Seaworld apart from the other parks is the personalities of each of the attractions. No one can fail to be impressed by the exploits of Shamu, Clyde and Seamore, or the dolphins and birds in the Blue Horizons show.

The Shamu show has been redesigned this year to the Believe performance. Personally I preferred the previous show, but you still cant go to Seaworld and not see Shamu strutting his stuff. The Shamu Rocks evening show is another excellent example of the wonder of these orcas.

Another personal favourite of ours is Blue Horizons in the dolphin theatre. Live actors, trapeze artists, dolphins and exotic birds work together beautifully to create this jaw-dropping display.

Clyde and Seamore is a classic double act which has been going for years and years. Although the human actors have a bigger role than the animals in this show, they are hilarious for the adults in the audience. This one is not quite so much of a hit with the younger children as the humour goes over their heads and the animals do not play as active a role.

Taking out all the wonderful shows at Seaworld, there are still plenty of entertaining ways to spend your day, not least of which is hanging over the side of the dolphin cove waiting for that much coveted kiss from the friendly creatures.

If I had one small criticism of Seaworld, there could be more shaded, cool areas to take the pressure of the heat off. Although in all of the shows most of the seating areas are shaded, just the fact that the park is so open and there is so much water around seems to make the heat very intense. The eating places are not bad better than those in the Disney parks but most of them are quite busy caf style and can have long queues while the casual, ice cream type stalls are mainly outside with little or no seating. One tip to overcome this is to save the Nautilus show for the hottest part of the day when you really desperately need to be cool and rested. This show, although not featuring real life animals, is just as entertaining as the other shows and not to be missed.

I dont care what anyone says about dogs in our house, its the dolphins who are man, woman and childs best friend.

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