Orlando Villas: Things to Look for When Renting a Villa
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Orlando Villas: Things to Look for When Renting a Villa

If you have ever taken an extended vacation with the whole family and booked a hotel room or two, you know just how hectic a situation that can become. There are a good many different reasons why long vacations with the family and hotel rooms just do not mix, but things can get even worse if you have more than one or two kids on the trip with you. Food fights, fist fights, fights over who gets to sleep where, eat what, and tell who what to do - these are very easily the types of arguments that can ruin a whole day, especially if you are the parent. If it seems like they wouldn't be having these arguments at home, you are probably right. At home, there is usually more personal space and at least some semblance of alone time for the individuals in the family, and a hotel room cannot offer that, no matter how many stars it carries under its name.

Villas are different. They are like apartments for the family, places for you and your loved ones to make their own for however long you wish to stay. In the Orlando area, villas are a popular commodity for those who wish to stay for more than a couple of nights. There is a lot to do in Orlando and a day or two is not nearly enough time for a family or even a couple to be able to enjoy the Florida life and be able to do all of the things that they want to squeeze into a couple of days and nights. Why not extend your stay and save a few bucks and arguments by staying at one of the many Orlando villas in the area?

When renting a villa, there are certain things that you want to look for. Just as it would be if you were renting a home or an apartment, there are certain requirements that a good villa must fulfill in order for it to be acceptable to you and your family. Otherwise, the five-star hotel life, no matter how cramped it is, just may be the better idea.

Look for Enough Space to Accommodate Everyone

Some of the best advice you can put to work when looking into an Orlando villa is not to skimp on the space. If you don't have enough space, you may find yourself in a very similar predicament to what renting a hotel room or two would have put you in. While the kids may have to still share bedrooms, make sure that there is adequate and appropriate sleeping space for everyone. Having to bunk up and pull out cots is not the way to travel. If you must upgrade to a different villa, then that just may be what you have to do.

Renting a villa is about comfort and quiet enjoyment. Without enough space, the quiet enjoyment of the villa will be diminished.

Stay Away from Construction if at All Possible

The Orlando area is a prime spot for tourists. For that reason, the city is constantly making changes and upgrades to roads, buildings, and sometimes entire city blocks. The worst thing that can happen to a vacation is that you fly or drive halfway around the country (or more) just to get to your destination and find out that your so-called quiet enjoyment won't be so quiet after all.

Especially since Orlando villas are in areas where people tend to live, there is a pretty good likelihood that you may land in an area that is being constructed upon. For this reason, it is always a good idea to ask before you sign any villa rental contract or put down any type of deposit. If there is construction and you are willing to put up with it, a discount or a couple of perks are always a nice incentive to do so, and that is something you may be able to talk to your manager about.

Look for Prime Access to Orlando Hot Spots

The last thing that you want to do is cart the whole family all around town in order to have some good old fashioned fun. Look for prime access to Orlando hot spots when planning your villa stay. Just because the Internet says that a villa is central location to some attraction or another does not make it true. Do a little bit of research and find out just how close they consider 'great<