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Some Information About Orlando Florida Communities

Orlando may be called the super tourism capital of the world: A great climate, more attractions than any other place, fantastic possibilities to go out at night, wonderful activities during daytime. A great place to go with your family.

Theme parks are the most common reason for visitors to come to Orlando. Disney World is great. Disney's Animal Kingdom, its newest adventure park, is filled with the natural drama of life in the wild. Epcot is a two-part educational and cultural attraction designed to challenge the mind and satisfy the senses. Disney-MGM Studios allows visitors to see Disney animators creating wonderful characters and explains movie-making on an entertaining backlot tour.

There are many different communities in orlando with many different types of Orlando Villas.

Central Florida draws the most tourists

Central Florida is the most popular destination for tourists from all over the USA and from many other parts of the world. This is the home of Disney World, the largest amusement park on earth. Located just south of Orlando in central Florida, Disney World is surrounded by many other family-oriented amusements such as Universal Studios, Sea World and other attractions too numerous to mention. Combined, they make up the largest family amusement area on our planet. Central Florida is also known for its agricultural lands that produce oranges, citrus fruits, sugar cane, vegetables and beef.

The southern tip of Florida mostly consists of tropical jungle and swamplands. Everglades National Park covers nearly the entire tip of the penninsula southward from Miami and Naples. It contains a vast ocean of wet grasslands puncuated by islands of tropical forest and stretches of open waters. This vast wetland is infested with hordes of insects, wild birds, aligators, snakes and other wildlife.

A one hundred mile long (160 km) archipeligo of islands known as the Florida Keys stretches southwestward from the tip of the penninsula into the Gulf of Mexico. A 90 mile (150 km) long series of bridges and causeways connects these islands down to the town of Key West on its southern most tip. The only North American tropical reef lies just a few miles off shore. It is a veritable paradise for scuba divers and fisherman.

The Florida Panhandle is the narrow strip of land that extends westward from the top of the penninsula. It is bounded on the north by the state of Alabama and on the south by its Gulf Coast beaches. This is the least commercialized and least tourist oriented part of Florida. It has beautiful shallow white sand beaches with warm waters but few tourist oriented features. This part of Florida draws many permanent or seasonal residents and offers more condominiums and rental cottages than hotels. Panama City is the lone tourist oriented city on the panhandle, and is famous for its "Spring Break" festivities every March.